You provide the Fairy Tale... and we'll provide the Castle.

Whether it's a relaxing getaway for two, time with family & friends, proposal, honeymoon, anniversary celebration, birthday surprise, family reunion, girl's weekend getaway, royal vacation, or any "experience" you can envision!

Highlands Castle is incomparable to all other placesThat is what sets us apart. You won't find a more magical setting to share time with your loved ones. 

Looking for a unique setting for a family gathering? Our FAMILY RENTAL option allows you to invite (up to 28) family & friends to the castle (from 4-8pm) for an unforgettable experience! (more details

Our Castles & Suites are hidden jewels in a private setting... Yet we're only 3-minutes from the lake, beaches, restaurants, shopping, hiking trails, tennis, golf, kayaking, boat rentals, scenic boat tours, and more!  

Highlands Castle sleeps up to 8 guests
Castle Cottage sleeps up to 6 guests
  Gatehouse sleeps up to 7 guests 

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3 castles can sleep up to 21 guests

The Castle Cottage

Sleeps 4-6 guests

Highlands Castle

Royal Bedroom sleeps 2
King’s Suite sleeps 2-6

Sleeps up to 8 guests

The Castle Gatehouse

Sleeps 4-7 guests


Highlands Castle Cottage (10-14)
Highlands Castle Gatehouse (12-15)
Highlands Cottage Gatehouse (16-21)

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Stay 7 nights...   get 1 FREE night!
Stay 14 nights... get 3 FREE nights!
Stay 30 nights... get 7 FREE nights!

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The Castle Cottage
The Castle Gatehouse

'House Beautiful' filmed here recently! 
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Poised on a graceful mountaintop, a castle awaits you... From the moment you arrive, you'll sense the tranquility that surrounds this enchanting property, and will be captivated by the most spectacular view in the world!