Terms & Conditions

Renter agrees to our 'Terms & Conditions' policy when making a reservation and agrees to be responsible for your guests adhering to our Terms & Conditions.

Payment is required to save your dates.

Payment is non-refundable although payment can be applied to available future dates (within 6-months) if canceled within 30-days prior to your arrival date less a $250 cancellation fee. Payment is forfeited with less than 30-day notice. Future rates for any rescheduled booking will apply and an additional payment may be required. 

Cancellation policy: Renter understands that our property has only 4-rental spaces and a cancellation could hinder our ability to rebook the rental space. Please consider purchasing 'travel insurance' to safeguard you from unforseen circumstances.

Smoking/Vaping is not allowed. Highlands Castle is a smoke free property. Your credit card will be charged a $750 penalty if this policy is not observed.

Candles or Open Flame not allowed on the Highlands Castle property. 

No Extra Person can be on property during your rental period that is not confirmed on your reservation. 

Family Rental option (must be pre-approved): Renter may invite (non-overnight) family & friends to Highlands Castle from 4-8pm for an extra fee of $198/person. (see Family Rental details

Renter agrees to leave the rental space, property, and grounds in a clean and orderly condition.   

Renter agrees to pay for damage caused by Renter (or guests of Renter) that occurs during your stay. Your credit card will be charged to repair/restore the property to its original condition.  

Children must be well-supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 10yrs+ recommended. Not suitable for toddlers.

Safety Restrictions: Sitting or standing on any outside terrace wall, terrace railing, or stone wall is PROHIBITED. 

No Pets Policy: Our 2 pets live on the property that are super friendly with guests but cannot predict how they may react to a guest's pet. Our dogs stay in a separate section of the main castle and are not allowed in the designated guest areas. If you are allergic, please book the King's Suite, Cottage, or Gatehouse. 

AC|Heat Policy: Renter agrees not to run AC or Heat with any window or door left in the open position. Your credit card will be charged $250 if this policy is not observed. Your credit card will be charged $750 if AC 'freezes up' due to an open window or door with the AC running. Recommended AC thermostat setting is 74-degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Highlands Castle does not allow a bachelor party, amplified music or DJ, rowdy, loud, disruptive, or unruly gathering.

Highlands Castle has a quiet time from 9 pm - 9 am in consideration of other guests.

Winter Season Bookings: Renter is advised to utilize a 4-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires for safety. 

Highlands Castle does not offer any outside goods or services - just the rental of the castle.

Great Hall