I told my Mom I knew this would be the highlight of our trip, and it most certainly was! The house is almost as beautiful & wonderful as its owners. We are so grateful for the kind hospitality. We love you all (pups included)!

Caitlin & Mom (Lori)

Caitlin & Lori Allen


This has truly been an incredible getaway.

Adam's 40th birthday will be unforgettable. Your castle is amazing and the love story behind why you created it. We love the detail and thought put into each room.

Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us. It was a pleasure to meet you both and the pups. We would love to come back again!

Adam, Samantha, and Alden
Jericho, VT

Adam & Samantha Ovitt-Boyer


John & Yvonne,
We can't thank you enough for sharing your beautiful home with us, Sam, Adam, and Alden. Your vision and imagination are inspiring and truly made this weekend magical. The hospitality you, Yvonne (Bella & Major) have shown us is second to none.
Thank you for a special weekend,
Joe & Brandy
North Hero, VT

Joe & Brandy Latimer


John & Yvonne,
Thank you for a wonderful stay at eh Castle Gatehouse. This beautiful home, lovingly built and adorned with magical treasures, enchants the heart and soul of those so lucky to stay here. This was an idyllic setting to give my mother the opportunity to escape from the worry of her failing memory and aging body to indulge in the wonder and beauty of the castles and the special solitude of this spectacular setting.
With Joy and Gratitude,
Wendy Roy
San Diego, CA

Wendy Roy


John & Yvonne (also Bella & Major!),
You are all such gracious hosts. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you. Your castle is amazing a obviously a true labor of love. It was a wonderful experience staying here. The Solar eclipse 4/8/24 was spectacular and we could not have chosen a better place to celebrate this celestial phenomenon! (We'll miss Bella!)
Joe & Laura,
New Ciry, NY

Joe & Laura Alfassa


John & Yvonne,

We cannot express enough gratitude for your caring & generosity throughout these past couple of days.

The Highlands Castle will forever have the most wonderful memory in our hearts celebrating my 30th birthday!

Your castle has been an absolute dream come true, with the most beautiful backdrops inside and out, to every little detail in the house! It's way cooler than Disney!

How incredible is it to actually stay at the castle with our families and then get to keep a memory mug! We wish you many years to come hosting and we look forward to staying again for an anniversary!

Jacob & Sarah
Utica, NY

Jacob & Sarah Hadity-Stouffer


John & Yvonne,
You have been amazing hosts and we appreciate all of your help in creating the fairytale dream. The castle and the decor are magical and I cannot imagine a more beautiful setting. Every single nook and cranny has been exquisitely decorated to transport you across the pond to a Scottish castle, and having visited many, I can tell you - your home is magnificent and truly reminiscent of my ancestor's homeland. You also went above and beyond, thank you for that. Everyone was truly impressed with what you have done here! Thank you for allowing me to play your mother's piano and for letting Paul borrow a dress shirt!. I hope that someday we are able to return to your elegant and stately castle for another visit, but until then, I will just say "Tapadh leat" 'Lang may yer lum reek'.
Ellie & Paul, Sarah & Jacob,

Ellie Hadity, Paul Snyder, Barb & Ron Stouffer


Dear John & Yvonne,
What a dream come true, snowed in at a castle! You couldn't ask for a more fairytale weekend! Thank you for the opportunity to gift the love of my life such a wonderful dream stay at your castle and home. We will certainly remember this weekend and plan on returning to make more wonderful memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Jim & Lisa
Oriskany Falls, NY

Jim Galler & Lisa Angle



Thank you for helping me make a special birthday full of awesome moments for my princess.

We loved everything about our visit.

Thank you for all you did for us and all the others who have passed through these doors and stayed in your care.

Brian & Shannon Schroyer
Concord, NH

(Brian is an ART TEACHER at St. Paul's College)

Brian & Shannon Schroyer


Dear John & Yvonne,
Thank you for a wonderful & magical honeymoon getaway! As we approached your castle, I could hardly contain my joy at the sight of your outstanding home! My husband Michael knows my love of fairytales and architecture and surprised me with a stay here at Highlands Castle to celebrate our wedding day (March 16th, 2024)! My heart cannot begin to express just how grateful Micheal & I are for the opportunity to stay in your home! Bless you both,
Michael & Sophia

Michael & Sophia Leone

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